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Boris Ziegler
Director Consulting Services

long with general (over)promise and (under)delivery in productivity gains and adaptivity to individual creative teams' operational production needs, digital tools also often bring hidden, or initially un-accounted and entirely unpredictable costs. Some of those may be classified as direct costs - cost that arise from increased usage of the tools - either in frequency or capability of tool usage (eg. storage), number of actual users and collaborators and forecasted number of paying licences, but as well number of needed tool modules to fulfil the intuited purpose of the process or project, as well as licence price or price model changes during the contract duration or most often upon its renewal. Increasing pool of digital tools in use by in-house brand creative teams also increases the digital tool management and operational costs, both in terms of time and money, many of which were initially hidden or un-accounted for. Indirect cost are all others which arise not from its direct usage, but dependencies linked to it. Some of these can be costs of time getting adapted to new tools, time spent transferring projects, data and materials from one digital tool to another, but also data loss in case of incompatibility between formats, version, export functionalities. Indirect costs arise in the case of data or creative material loss, but also in cases when necessary integrations with rest of your digital ecosystem aren't known or accounted for in advance. The influx of digital tools into in-house creative teams and their production operations often happens in an unplanned and uncontrolled way. Even though most digital tools often provide a range of standardised, relatively simple, API driven integration with most popular category compatible tools, depending on the desired level of integration and intra-functionalities, these may require additional developer resources. This is especially the case when SaaS providers need to be integrated with internally built, non-standard, digital tools (eg. bespoke DAM systems, financial management software etc.). Indirect costs can also be tied to mismanagement of digital tool acquisition process and mismanagement of your digital tool portfolio - all digital tools your organisation or team uses, often resulting in waste of organisational time and money, as well as legal risks. The Rise of SaaS Digital Tools Waste in Creative Operations