Digital Brand Directives

A key implementation vehicle of global branding execution which ensures brand authentic and consistent digital implementation of brand campaign materials across owned and non-owned digital properties. Incorporates detailed specifics of brand campaign rules, product stories and behaviour of materials across varied digital touchpoint implementation contexts.

Unique expertise required for creating Digital Brand Directives merges knowledge of the target brand, technical expertise on digital devices and formats, operational efficiency as well as in-depth knowledge of partner’s digital properties and behavior of implemented creative materials.

Who is it for?

Any brand communicated across digital channels should have a general brand digital directive that meticulously elaborates how brand materials should be implemented across most common digital properties. This will not only give you a peace of mind but also provide a post-activation controlling vehicle.

For global brands, where implementation happens in a complex organisational setting and through a web of 3rd party stakeholders, having a digital brand directive for each and every campaign is a dire necessity.

When is it needed?

If your brand materials are communicated across non-owned properties such as social media, e-commerce platforms and especially on e-retail partners which have the highest variation in of digital properties in terms of sizes and behaviour, you need to have digital brand directives.

Having clear and up-to date digital brand directive will not only ensure prioritisation of digital brand consistency in all of your digital activations, but also save time on excessive communication with partners.

How it is created?

Usually, digital brand directives are created from general brand creative guidelines document or in case of retail brands - retail brand guidelines. Taking into account available brand materials and digital touchpoints technical characteristics, document specifies optimal implementation

For those brands that might not have up-to-date detailed brand creative guidelines creation of digital first brand directives is also possible. In this case we'll provide a complete digital vision of your brand.

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Electro Flare Pack

As the season shifts and the days shorten, Nike Football launched in September the Electro Flare Pack with a high-visibility splatter of volt. Needing to ensure brand authentic and consistent digital implementation of brand campaigns across network, SO DIGITAL was in charge of a crucial process that enabled translation of brand to digital – creation and delivery Digital Brand Directives and conformant digital brand assets.

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Epic React

In their ongoing drive for innovation, the footwear designers at Nike developed a lighter, bouncier, and more durable running shoe: the Nike Epic React. Unique expertise required for creating Digital Brand Directives merged knowledge of the Nike brand, technical expertise on digital devices and formats, operational efficiency as well as in-depth knowledge of partner’s digital properties and behavior of implement creative materials.

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Tech Pack

The fall 2015 Tech Pack features all star line-up of international athletes has been photographed in black and white wearing the new designs including football stars Christiano Ronaldo and Brazilian national idol Neymar Jr. Digital brand campaign guidelines is a document containing instructions and rules of application and communication of brand materials that are centrally created but left out to implementation to third-parties

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