E-Commerce Operations Excellence Platform

Management tool that helps companies formulate, evaluate, and improve their e-commerce strategies by providing a systematic assessment of competitive performance of post-purchase experience across markets.

Our platform enables competitive cross industry performance benchmarking of best performing e-retailers across dimensions of online (post)purchase experience, including but not limited to, phases of delivery, tracking, packaging - out of box experience, and return & refunds.

Who is it for?

eCommerce leaders who oversee channel execution within a single or across multiple markets. Team leaders who have direct influence, control and responsibility for overall eCommerce performance and continuous sustainable revenue growth. Market level insights from our platform will help especially those who are tasked with nurturing customer loyalty and repeat customer segment growth.

Marketing team, Supply Chain and eCommerce Operations team professionals are just some of the examples of those who can leverage insights from the market research and leverage them for tactical improvements, performance gaps identification and/or general market trends tracking.

Why is it needed?

If you own a D2C channel you have a post-purchase experience. Question is whether you manage it to be value adding to your business and customers. Whether its horrible, average or superior to rest of the market and your consumers' expectations is impossible to know if its not measured against your own promises but more importantly to market defined averages and expected levels of performance.

Since customer loyalty is mostly determined at the post-purchase phase, quality and competitiveness of your performance, in the most influential phase of e-commerce customer journey, will have a direct impact on the size of your repeat customers segments and your channel profitability.

How is it done?

Trained researches in target countries perform actual purchase of products from target e-commerce market players, recording their every step, while answering standardised scale based scorecard with average 200+ data points to provide insight into comparative performance on market competition defining elements of post-purchase experience : tracking, delivery, packaging (out-of-box), returns & refunds.

With yearly subscription, clients get access to benchmarked country data sets, while also being able to create reports on the platform itself to drive focused learning insights. Reporting module enables comparison of markets, retailers, data points and across completed benchmarks to discover trends.

How do you benefit?

As they are shaped by market maturity and collective performance of market players average implicit customer expectations give you a clear overview what are minimum acceptable levels of your performance. Identifying performance gaps between your and market level give you a clear guideline which elements require improvement to achieve customer satisfaction and delight.

The length of delivery time, variety of delivery options, tracking visibility and communications, how your product is packaged, the ease of exchanges and returns—it all contributes to customer (dis)loyalty. Post-purchase experience which meets and exceeds customer expectations drives customer loyalty and repeat customer segment growth.

How long does it take?

Depending on the number of countries researched and whether it is a standardized or individual client tailored benchmark research average duration of the project lasts up to 3 months. During this time client is able to actively participate and track research progress in the platform. In case markets of your interest have been benchmarked within last 6-12 months you can gain access to this right away.

Once you gain access to the platform through subscription packages, you can use it during the period of one calendar year, after which your subscription and access to the refreshed dataset will have to be renewed. During this period client designated users have an unlimited access to the data and are able to continuously create reports of their choosing.

How much does it cost?

Standard benchmarking contains research results of 20+ leading e-commerce players from a single market. Cross-industry sample usually contains all e-commerce models (marketplaces, pure-players, brands, e-retailers, omni-channel). Access to the standard country research that details into delivery, tracking, packaging, returns & refunds with omni-channel reporting starts at 5000 EUR / year.

In case a client wants to tailor the research so it is more focused on his particular industry and contain additional question sets, standard pricing will be augmented depending on the size and the scope of changes and markets that are researched just for this client. On average tailoring of research criteria (scorecard or industry) entails +30% per each segment.


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